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1st coretan in 2011!!!

segala perasaan berdamping dengan aku di kala ini..2011 datang jugak..tahun yang xpenah sekecoh 2012 kan..kat movie dah ada kua cite 2012..tapi 2011 xdak!!pelik kan2..

tahun ni,awal-awal tahun aku dah rasa bangga sangat kt miss F yang cousin aku selalu dok sebut-sebut..sya bangga sangat kat awak coz awak dapat jgk sambung study kt oversea...u reach ur dream finally..eventough it so tough to pass every stage of it..

sya support awk gilak2..juz kadang-kadang awak xnampak cra sya support sbb sya jeles ngn kawan awak..ntah pape kan awak..papehal pon,awak nak pg brave ok?chill owest..i will not with u but remember 1 here owest think of u,pray of u,plan our future,rely on our path become 1...remember that sayang..

tomorrow is D-day...4th jan 2011..u leave me here n bring along with u my soul,my half heart,my feeling..seriously im proud of u!!!!i will wait for..2years not a long period right??2tahun jak pun..u will achieve your 2nd dream there..what ur azam just now?u want 5different cop in your visa???hehehe...u will n i will get the photo of u too..hopefully i get it..lols..

tonyte,sori.i break ur feeling.i just dont want u bring that thing..awk xpdh ngn sya pon psl bnda ya..ya i know,who i am to know bout it..xpelu pon kmk tauk..ur fren no mine pun nak?masih ka ktk pkr gya..huhu..sori2..kmk xptot gya..sori a lot deng..

pagi esok,awak ada mkn2 cket..sya bz kt ctok..i cant come to ur small farewell party..wish im there for u..:(

p/s:arini bday roomte aku,along..sambut kecil-kecilan je..location agak strategik.
cant be so fun coz i have so many feeling right now budd..wish him all the best this year!!!
to fyonna beatrice,i can wait for u everyday..ur temper,ur loving,ur kindness,all of ur character flying around my mind..good luck baby:(

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