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how do i feel?

now is like 3.39am in the morning n i am not sleep yet after doing some slide for tomorrow i like my slide?mayb..

yet i am done with this slide after quarrel with someone that really important in my life.yup..really really important until my manage to marry her if there is no other i love fight?i rather jump of my window from 6 floors to let u all know how i feel bout quarrel..

suddenly something that not organize like mm..a stone.u think it hard until u make conclusion it can't be destroy easily.but thing change when a drop of water that repeated-ly drop on the stone, it make a hole.u want the stone always wet but u violence it without u knowing..sigh..what a bad quote..

ow i feel like trash.
ow i feel not sleepy at all.
ow i feel damn hurt.
ow i feel my future destroy.

ow i remember bout a promise. we are together now.n maybe we a leaving in peace.i know there is no future in us.let do this!

bang!it happen just proof bout that conversation.i just my imaginary might be.i let u go.u let me go.i go.u go.go.go.go...*im better without u..

i know,it just a just my dreaming now..i really having a me me..i love u.i wanna marry u.i want kids from u dreaming.dont wake me up until i make up with u again..huhuhu..

tears?where did it come from..what the hell in the world make u come not that person.emotional with this

u really leaving isn't u?am i that bad?yes.i surely bout it.badass!the moment with me is just a lot of fighting u will think about.if leaving me will make u cry,then just be it.let i pay back your tears.
sayonara love.
sayonara honey.
sayonara mommy.
sayonara deng.

may Allah bless your journey n make it save to u now.amin.

p/s: just wanted to tell u this,u push me away.i hope it only a dream.:(

nI by my own self can do nothing, as I hear I judge, my judgment is just because I seek NOT MY OWN WILL BUT THE WILL OF THE FATHER who has sent me…” John 5:30
nAll power given to me in heaven and the earth…” Matt 28:18
n“..but on that day, that hour, no man, no angel, neither the son, but the Father…” Mark 13:32

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